What We Create

At Nathan Bakes, all we care about is ensuring that all of your cake-y dreams and desires are met. With a vast range of products we can cater to any whim from a small gathering that just needs some cake to huge wedding where everyone wants for nothing.

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Dessert Buffets

We have a huge range of delectable desserts, such as our mini mocha tartlets or zesty native finger lime bite sized mini macarons. We can cater for anything from a small intimate gathering of close friends at a private girls night in, all the way up to a grand extravagant event such as a corporate annual ball, and you can be sure that these treats will create the perfect dessert buffet to satisfy even most discerning sweet tooth whilst allowing everyone to dive in to every treat. With photo realistic printing toppers available to order we can theme your event just the way you want, including any logos or branding needed.

Wedding & Celebration Cakes

We create amazing wedding and celebration cakes suitable for any type of occasion but we specialise in the rustic and fantastical. Whether its a 2nd birthday, a 70th, an engagement, baby shower or smash cake, we can provide the cake everyone can enjoy together, as well of course as weddings. We love experimenting with flavours, for example our Strawberry Balsamic is one of our most popular client choices. So if you have an amazingly out-there request for a certain taste let us know and we’ll turn it into a delicious cake.

Pop Ups

If we’re not helping to make your special event go with a delicious bang, then chances are we’re out at various festivals or a pop up with a selection of our amazing desserts & cupcakes. To find out where and when our next outing will be head on over to our facebook page to keep up to date. Alternatively subscribe to our monthly newsletter to find out all our appearances and to take advantage of our special subscribers only offers.

All of our products contain no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, and are completely safe for coeliacs and those following a plant based diet.

Don't forget, if you're unsure about what you would like, we have dessert boxes available in our online store so you can easily try a range of our products.