Marshmallow Box



Light, fluffy and perfect is what this box of vegan wonders contains

Each Marshmallow Box contains three Chocolate Coated Marshmallow Square along with three squares of our perfect Rocky Road, all in your choice flavours.

Each Marshmallow Square weighs approximately 120g

Each Rocky Road piece weighs approximately 140g

Delivery is between 1pm and 5pm on your nominated day, if there is no one present to receive your order it will be left on the doorstep at your risk.

Orders must be placed with a minimum of 48 business hours (Monday – Friday) before required.

Delivery is strictly 15km from our Christies Beach store if you’re outside this area then pick up by appointment is always a great option.

Rocky Road Flavours

Gingerbread: Vanilla marshmallow, gingerbread cookies pieces, candied ginger and dark chocolate

Jaffa: Orange marshmallow, peanuts, dehydrated oranges and dark chocolate

Cherry: Cherry marshmallow, dried cherries, chocolate cookie pieces, dark chocolate

Espresso: Espresso marshmallow, Rebel Alliance Roasters coffee beans, chocolate brownie chunks, dark chocolate


Each Marshmallow Square is coated in dark chocolate and flavoured with your choice