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7 Deadly Sins Dessert Degustation


Nathan Bakes Plant Based ‘Dessert Degustation’ is a serious feast for the senses. Shout outs to the sweet toothed amongst you, this is right up your alley! Which of the 7 deadly sins will be your undoing?

Indulge in this 7 delectable sweet dessert mini-coursed event, with optional perfectly matched drinks, as Chef Nathan starts you off with an amuse-bouche of Pride, to be left at the door, straight onto Greed, onwards through Lust, Envy and Gluttony in quick succession, followed by Wrath and finishing up with Sloth….

Join us for a night to indulge your dark dessert passions – shhh – we won’t tell anyone

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To drink or not to drink?

With Alcohol Pairing, Without Alcohol Pairing


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