Here is the list of flavours we regularly whip up in our kitchen using all natural ingredients – no artificial nasties can be found in our food. We don’t use essences or extracts, instead we create what we need from scratch every time as we believe nothing tastes as good as the real thing.

Our decorations only use 100% natural plant based colourings.

More about our ingredients

Main Flavours

*Contains Soy
**Can be made soy free – please advise

Aloha! • Creamy Coconut and Rich Pineapple Toffee

Bacci* • Dark chocolate ganache flavoured with in house roasted hazelnut butter

Ballsy Strawberry • Strawberry coulis spiked with sweet, zingy balsamic vinger

Beauregarde • Fresh blueberry coulis flavoured buttercream on our classic vanilla cupcake

Bee’s Knees** • Honeycomb infused buttercream on a chocolate cupcake topped with a shard of honeycomb and ganache drizzle

Black Forest** • Dark chocolate cupcake filled with fresh cherry compote topped with Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream

Black N Blue • Zesty blackberry buttercream with fresh blueberry coulis filling

Breakfast Waffle • Maple Syrup infused buttercream topped with a cinnamon waffle cookie

Café Au Lait** • Sweet creamy coffee flavoured butter cream on an espresso infused chocolate cupcake

Chocolatey Chocolate* • Plain dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate ganache

Cinnamon Donut • Cinnamon brown sugar flavoured cupcake with cinnamon spiced buttercream

Fairy Bread • Strawberries and cream flavours decorated just like your favourite childhood party treat!

Gingerbread Man • Warming gingerbread cupcake topped with spiced ginger buttercream and a mini gingerbread man

Jaffa** • Dark chocolate cake topped with fresh orange infused buttercream and house made dehydrated orange slices

Knickerbocker Glory* • Chocolate, vanilla and raspberry flavoured buttercream on a rich chocolate cupcake, inspired by the classic kid’s dessert it’s named for

Lemonade Lavender • Delicate Lavender infused buttercream on a cupcake spiked with fresh lemon

Lime Light • Fruity fresh lime infused cake and buttercream

Macadamia Crunch • Macadamia praline buttercream on a simple vanilla cake topped with house made macadamia praline brittle

Movie Time • House made salted caramel popcorn topping our fluffy vanilla cupcake

Not Bounty* • Chocolate ganache icing on a coconut infused cake

Not everyone’s Cup of Tea – Pomegranate molasses spiked buttercream on top of house made liquorice root syrup spiked cake

Not Mint Slice** • Fresh mint infused buttercream paired with rich chocolate cake

Not Oreo** • Sweet cream and chocolate cookie pieces, with our own in-house made ‘oreo’ cookies

Not Reece’s Pieces* • Peanut butter flavoured chocolate ganache on a dark chocolate cupcake

Not Toblerone* • Chocolate & sweet almond ganache top this rich chocolate cake

Orange in Bloom • Delicate orange blossom with a small hit of zesty orange curd

Outback Zest • Salted Native Finger Lime infused buttercream on a light fluffy vanilla cake

Panda-n • Coconut infused cake with pandan caramel buttercream & drizzle

Pink Lemonade • Tart raspberry buttercream on fresh lemon spiked cupcake

Pipe and Sippers • Spiced whiskey & pecan on a warming cinnamon cake base

Pucker More • Tart grapefruit curd with bittersweet grapefruit buttercream

Pucker Up • Fresh lemon infused cake topped with citrus buttercream and hit of tart lemon curd

Queensland Heat • Chilli and mango infused buttercream on a coconut infused cake, heat and sweet

Rabbit Food • Classic carrot cake with warming cinnamon notes and Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream

Red Velvet • A classic red velvet cake, vanilla with a touch of cocoa paired with a simple vanilla bean icing

Ruby Tuesday • Cardamom infused cake with ruby grapefruit buttercream

S&P* • Salted Szechuan pepper spiked ganache on rich chocolate cake

Salty Sweet • In house made salted caramel laced buttercream on a light vanilla sponge

Settle Petal • Delicate Rose buttercream with a floral infused cupcake

Sticky Date Pudding • Classic sticky date pudding topped with our house made salted caramel laced buttercream

Toffee Apple • Spiced apple, salted caramel with a cinnamon spiced crumble topping and a slice of apple encased in house made toffee

Very Vanilla • Simple and clean Madagascan Vanilla Bean

Mud Cakes

Mud cakes are subject to a small surcharge and cannot be made soy free.

Danger Zone! • Rich Dark Choc Mud with a hit of chilli heat

Salty Sweet Mud • Salted Caramel infused Chocolate Mud with our house made salted caramel laced buttercream

Jaffa Mud • Dark Chocolate Mud filled with fresh orange infused buttercream

Mocha Mud • Espresso spiked Chocolate Mud with coffee infused buttercream

Muddy Ginger • Ginger infused Dark Chocolate Mud with warming ginger ganache

Chai Time • Chai infused Dark Chocolate Mud with spiced buttercream