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Frequently Asked Questions

We can cover off pretty much any flavor – we’ve even worked on a Maple Syrup fake-on (rather than bacon!) flavor before, so should be able to assist.

If you need some inspo, here is our current list of cupcake and tartlet flavors – these can be transferred to any larger cake as well. Our list is constantly changing, so drop us a line if you have a specific request.

Pretty much anything – that’s the point of Nathan Bakes!

We’re vegan and ceoliac safe as standard for all of our baked goods, which means we use no dairy, egg, honey, animal products or derrivatives (such as gelatin) and no glutenous flours products in our kitchen. Ever.

Please don’t ask for a glutinous cake – we don’t have gluten in our kitchen for good reason as we want Nathan Bakes to be a safe space for allergy & intolerance sufferers.

Many of our items are also soy & nut free, but we do work with these ingredients from time to time so are not a nut or soy free environment however many precautions we take.

We have previously worked with many different allegery sufferers including Mango, Melon, Coconut, Walnut, Peanut…the list is pretty endless really, but we try to cater for all so drop us a line if you have specific requirements and we can chat.

We would be too! We offer complimentary tastings for our wedding customers after they have secured their wedding date with a deposit in order to really drill down the flavour combos, but if you don’t know if we’re good enough to place that order in the first place we have a few options.

We would love to invite you all into our kitchens to eat cake with us all the time – but as a small business if we did that we would have to raise our prices to cover the cost (whilst we do donate a portion of our profits to charity, we are not ourselves a not for profit venture – the paperwork is a nightmare!). We’d rather not do that, so we have a few different ways you can sample the delicious cakey goodness:

Come seek us out at our pop up or festival showings – you can find details of those here on our facebook page – and grab some cupcakes off us in various flavours. Alternatively come along to a bridal expo we might be exhibiting at (we give out free yummy samples to everyone, no obligations).

How much do you want? But really, it depends on how big you want the slices, how many guests you have, how many flavours you’re after, etc. This is something we can help with when we do up a quote for you and at your wedding cake tasting, and can be changed up until the cut-off date.

Heaps! You can’t afford us! Only joking – we strive to produce cake that is comparitively affordable due to that fact we only make gluten free and vegan cakes, tarts and other baked goods so we don’t need to pass on any “dietary tax” that other bakers may do due to sterilisation needs. Try us – we’ll whip you up a personalised quote no strings attached. If you tell us how many people will be at your event, what you want to use the cake for (full dessert serves, or just to nibble delicately on after a 7 course meal), and send us some pintrest inspired images to see what look you are after we can give you a rough estimate. We can work up a full in depth personalised quote after a few more questions, but just to get an idea we need the basic deets.

If you’re still too shy to do that with this can give you very rough idea – our cutable cakes start at around $4/serve dependant on decoration level and number of portions needed. Our ‘standard’ gourmet cupcakes start at $5 per cupcake or our discounted rate of $50 per dozen, and our dessert buffets have a starting price of $200.

We absolutely do. For wedding cakes/orders anywhere within 25km of Adelaide CBD is included in the price as a little wedding present for us to make your day go smoother – outside this area we still deliver but there will be a small surcharge.

For non-wedding orders we can delivery by arrangement, however there will be a surcharge.

Alternatively, if you don’t want delivery we can arrange a time for you pick up your order. This can be from our premises or from one of our regular pop up venues.

The earlier the better. We can only do a certain amount of large cakes each week so the earlier you can secure your date the less headache for you – if we are booked out already for your date we can work with you to try to come up with a solution, however we are pretty strict about making sure every client gets the best possible cake from us so don’t over stretch ourselves and once fully booked out for a date we have to close the books.

If you’re looking for cupcakes we can generally squeeze you in, although for orders of over 100 we suggest enquiring at the least a week before – we have been known to do on the day panic orders though, so best bet is just to drop us a line here.

Four weeks out from your delivery date is generally when we can’t make anymore changes, after this we may be able to make minor changes if we are able to

Just send us an email here with details such as numbers, flavours, and an idea of the decoration you’re after (photos of examples help with this) and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote as soon as we can.

Yes we do, if you need a cake or dessert buffet for any occasion just send us an email with the details and we’ll get back to you with a quote. To get an understanding of what we offer check out our services page and gallery page. We also sell our delicious cupcakes, tarlets and cookies at pop up events, festivals and our shop front at 2/39 Grenfell st Adelaide.

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We recommend starting at 2-3 pices per head, but this could change depending on different situations. For example if you’re having a big wedding cake as well a dessert buffet, following a two course meal, you may want to have 1-2 pieces per head. Alternatively if you’re having a dessert only reception then you would probably want at least 4-5 pieces per head. It’s all about catering to the right situation for you. Drop us an email here and let us know your plans and we can advise and suggest some delicious options for your wedding.

Yes we accept all credit cards (including AMEX), over the phone manual payments will incur a 2.2% surcharge, however payments made in person either by card or cash, or bank transfers incur no surcharge.

Whether you want to know where we are going to be appearing at pop ups and festivals with our tasty cupcakes, or you want to get your hands on exclusive monthly offers, see if you can be one of our market research tasting panels or find out about our next tasting box, please sign up to our mailing list to keep informed! We promise never to spam and just send out the one monthly email to keep you updated, and obviously keep your email address safe and secure and never sell it on. You can also unsubscribe at any time, so its a no risk way to get your hands on the goodies and never miss out on a Nathan Bakes opportunity.

You absolutely can, simply email us, fill out the contact form on the website or visit us in store.

The only restriction for pre-orders is that we have a minimum quantity of six cupcakes per flavour.

The other option, if you’re not to fussy on flavours, is to simply come into store and chose a variety from our flavours that day.