About Us

Who is Nathan?

Nathan is originally from New Zealand but moved to Australia at a young age, as a result his accent is only pulled out for comedic effect. Growing up he always had a creative passion as well as a love of great food and that combination followed through into his adult life when he undertook and completed training as a Patissier. After completing his training he began working in various professional kitchens, including Chocolatier Steven ter Horst, before he started to feel that people with dietary restrictions didn’t get a fair deal in the dessert world.

A desire to challenge himself combined with seeing there was very little quality cake and desserts that catered to plant based, gluten free or others with dietary requirements first prompted Nathan to start developing recipes & baking methods to make cake that was not only plant based and gluten free, but also delicious. 11 years later he has a myriad of tricks to produce high quality, dietary friendly and, most importantly, delicious treats.

Our Philosophy

We at Nathan Bakes believe that everyone should be able to eat amazing cake, regardless of restrictions or choice, our philosophy is if it’s not good enough to be eaten by someone without restrictions then why is it good enough for anyone else? Everyone deserves great cake, something we strive to uphold.

We understand Allergy

Because we understand allergy, we understand cross contamination. We are a 100% gluten free kitchen so completely safe for ceoliacs. Having anaphylaxis ourselves, we know that its not just nuts that cause reactions and so we can cater for any allergies, just drop us a line, let us know what you can’t eat (no list too long!) and we’ll see what we can do for you.

As standard all of our baked goods are completely free of gluten, dairy, eggs, and any other animal derived products, meaning every bite of all of our delicious baked treats are completely plant based and gluten free, with most items nut and soy free too